Our 2019 Confirmands 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Upcoming Events ​​​​​​

Aug 25    6pm Book of Concord Study

Aug 30    7pm Men's Game Night

Sept 1      5pm Youth Night

Sept 4     Midweek Begins

                6:30pm Worship

                7pm Confirmation/Bell Choir Practice

Sept 6     5:30-8pm

                SS Gamenight/ Parent Datenight

Sept 8      11:40am BOF Oktoberfest Meeting

                 5pm Adult Catechism

Sept 11    Midweek Services          

            6:30 Worship

                 7pm Confirmation/Bell Choir Practice

Sept 12    5:30pm LWML Dinner

Sept 14    8-10am Adopt-a-Highway Clean Up

                 9-12pm LWML Mtg 

Sept 15    5pm Adult Catechism

Sept 18    Midweek Services

            6:30 Worship

                 7pm Confirmation/Bell Choir Practice

Sept 19    6:30pm Katie's Sisters Dinner & Fun

Sept 21    9-10am Acolyte Training

Sept 22    5pm Adult Catechism

Sept 25    Midweek Services

            6:30 Worship

                 7pm Confirmation/Bell Choir Practice

Sept 26    6:30pm Trail Life

Sept 27    6pm Men's Gamenight NOTE Change!

Sept 29    5pm Adult Catechism

                 6pm Book of Concord 

Oct 2       Midweek Services

                 6:30 Worship

                7pm Confirmation/Bell Choir​ Practice


​​Recurring Weekly/ Monthly Activities:

  • Confession & Absolution 1st/ 3rd Saturdays 9-10am (check calendar)
  • Wednesday Bible Study 1pm 
  • Lunch With Pastor- 12 Noon- 2nd Monday of the month (check calendar) Kelleys Grille, 155th & State.  All welcome.
  • ​Lutheran Confessions/ Book Of Concord Study Group- 6PM- last Sunday of the month.  Study  the Book of Concord,  enjoy a spread of food,​ various beverages, & conversation. All are welcomed to join in! Childcare provided.
  • Youth Group- 6-8PM- 1st Sunday of the month (check calendar). Food and activity. Bring a friend!
  • ​LWML- 2nd Thursday of the month 5:30pm
  • Trail Life USA/ American Heritage Girls-  6:30-7:30PM- 2nd/4th Thurs. Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, & Leadership for our members and community. (On hiatus for summer.)
  • Men's Game Night- Last Friday of the month. Collegial time for men (18 and over) Enjoy cards, snacks, and fine beverages.
  • Katie's Sisters Night Out- (Activities/ Dates vary). Check Calendar!